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Extraction after generation of data

PraveenPraveen Posts: 9
I need to create a table with follwing columns as ID,name,subject_1,subject_2.
And I have created the table, also generated the data in RED GATE SQL Generator.
After generating data, The column "name" will have values of both MALE and FEMALE.
My question is that, IS THERE ANY POSSIBILITY TO Extract only MALE/FEMALE names from the column and store in separate column..?


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    Thanks for your post.

    This should be fairly straight forward if you add some way to identify if a name is male or female.

    If there isn't a column for gender, then there isn't any way to know which sex the name is.

    I would probably suggest adding another column (probably gender) that you can record if the name is male or female, and then filter on WHERE gender = 'male'/'female'.
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    thank you..
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