Index was outside the bounds of the array, Register Database

kevinlankevinlan Posts: 11
i am so confuse with this .

i have two identical database in different servers.

i try it use the coding which base on sql compare sdk 8.0 to compare the two database. but i get this error.




i found i add any one of the two options (Options.DecryptPost2kEncryptedObjects , Options.Default) it will raise the index out of array errors.

but there hasn't any errors on the line 'stagingDB.Register'

i have Encytioned objects in the two database, after i delete this objects, it can work well.

i am not sure what the root cause, the servers are all sqlserver 2008

did there has something with the version?

one is sqlserver10.0.4064
another is sqlserver 10.0.2531


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