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Timeouts when comparing

JanezJanez Posts: 21

I have the following questions regarding Comparison SDK:

1. Timeout properties
When using SQLConnection and SQLCommand classes available in ADO.NET it is possible to specify ConnectionTimeout for SQLConnection and CommandTimeout for SQLCommand.

Is it possible to specify something similar for the classes available in Comparison SDK?
I am using various classes from SDK when comparing data and none of them seem to have such properties, although I think the following classes are good candidates for such properties:

2. Default timeout values
Since apparently no timeout properties are available, what are default timeout values for connecting to the server, comparing and synchronizing?

3. Include timeouts in any other way
Is it possible to include timeout values in any other way, for example to append them to the values of other properties?

In short, how can I specify timeout values for server login, compare (CompareDatabases method available in ComparisonSession class) and sync (ExecuteBlock method available in BlockExecutor)?
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