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Im investigating the options I have to create an automated Database upgrade for use with Team City when a user commits.

We have SQL Packager and SQl Source Control. Ideally what i would like is when someone commits a database script a UAT database will automatically absorb the change. I know i can use the command line options with the SQL Compare to compare the database with the source control folder but I'm looking to do the same with SQL Packager.

Is it possible? are there any alternatives using these two applications?


  • Thanks for your post.

    What is it you need to do that means you need to use SQL Packager?

    SQL Packager is essentially SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare under the hood, so SQL Compare is really the best tool for deploying update scripts from Source Control.
  • Thanks for your reply.

    The reason for needing to use SQL Packager is that we currently dont have a copy of SQL Compare.

    If SQL Compare is under the hood of SQL Packager is there anyway to interact with the SQL Compare directly?

    Using the API for SQL Compare I could update from source control. But I cannot see how to do it with the SQLPackager API is that correct?


  • That's correct. The SQL Packager command line doesn't have the functionality to deploy directly from source control. It's not just that it's hidden, it's actually using an older SQL Compare engine that doesn't have that functionality.

    If you have the API for SQL Packager, i.e. the SQL Comparison SDK, then you can also use the SQL Compare API, but I think you're referring to the command line interface to SQL Packager not the API.

    If you want to automate the deployment of a schema directly from source control, you will need to use SQL Compare command line or the SQL Compare API.

    I hope this helps clear things up.
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