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We are evaluating SQL Data Compare for testing purposes and want to save the comparison summary. Using Print Preview we can save as CSV, PDF, XLS.

We want to be able to manipulate and compare the summary values without retyping so XLS and CSV seem like good options.


1. In the XLS export in a number of columns the numbers are actually individual images/picture objects rather than regular data cells so they can't be selected and are not useful for analysis (other than retyping the numbers which defeats the purpose). Is this a bug or a feature of the export functionality?

2. The CSV export only lists the number of identical rows - the other columns are erroneously empty as per the example extract from the CSV file below. Is this is a known bug or am I doing something wrong?

Type,All Different,Owner,Table Name,Source Only,Different,Target Only,Table Name,Owner,Identical
29 tables or views with differences in their rows,,,,,,,,,

Are there any other alternative exports that will provide me with the data without re-typing?


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    Thanks for your post.

    I see what you mean, and it does look like a bug with the print function. However, a better way to export to CSV will be to use 'Tools' > 'Export comparison results'.

    This will allow you to export a summary to CSV, but doesn't have the problem of having empty columns.

    I hope this helps.


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    Thanks for pointing that out. I had used that before but got blinkered by the Print Preview issue. that will work for me.

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