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Is there a way to set up a toolbar or menu item to temporarily disable SQL Prompt - similar to how I can turn Intellisense on and off.
I am working with a large script and SQL Prompt is slowing my entire (fast) machine to a crawl.


  • I'm afraid that there isn't any way of doing that at the moment.

    However, we have made some performance improvements in Prompt's processing of complex scripts in recent builds. Have you tried using the latest release version,
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  • Yes, I have the latest version installed. I tried renaming the SQL Prompt applicatin folder and ignoring the warning, but I lost intellisense too. Finally had to uninstall. Oh well, I will probably reinstall after this project.

    One big problem I had was when I was highlighting some code and holding down the shift-arrow key using the repeat key, it got impossibly slow.
  • You can disable Prompt's intellisense via the SQL Prompt Options dialog. From the SQL Prompt 5 menu, select 'Options...', and then in the Main->Behaviour page, uncheck 'Use SQL Prompt'. Slightly less drastic than uninstalling Prompt altogether!

    Oh, and I might have some even better news for you soon - watch out for the next release candidate... :wink:
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  • So, have you noticed the new menu item at the top of the SQL Prompt menu in version :D
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  • Mike,

    Any chance of getting a similar item that just disables SQL Prompt for the current window? (I would love to be able to disable it on a single window, as some of the larger scripts I work on either cause SQL Prompt to be too slow, or it just plain doesn't work because the query is beyond the look ahead/behind buffer size.)
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    I'm afraid it's global. It's just a shortcut to the 'Use SQL Prompt' flag in the Options dialog. At least having a keyboard shortcut should make it easier for you to turn on and off quickly.

    [edit]Sorry, I replied to your original post before you edited it. We'll certainly consider an option to disable prompting just on the current window, but I'm afraid I can't make any promises - I snuck in the new menu item right at the cut-off date for new features in 5.2.
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  • Yes, having a keyboard shortcut, and having it at the top menu like it used to be in the past will be very helpful. Thanks!
  • I disabled the SQL Prompt before connect to my SAP database.
    Ok it isn't bringing any suggests, but it is still reading the schema for the database and consuming to many memory : 414MB for Ssms.exe while reading the schema and after some moments it shrink to some megabytes.

    Also note that the shortcut only appears on the SQL Prompt menu if you have a query windows opened. If you just connect SSMS to a server, the shortcuts doesn't work.

    Is there any way to have a list of servers we don't want to use SQL Prompt, like some oldiers SP versions?

    Regards, Ésio
  • Not sure if anyone else has caught this yet, but the keyboard shortcut to temporarily disable SQL Prompt (CTRL-SHIFT-P) is the same as the one used by SSMS to insert a file as text when you're working with the SQL Server 2000 keyboard scheme.

    I got around this by adding the insert command as a toolbar item with an ampersand in the name, enabling me to invoke it with an ALT-KEY combination. The enable/disable shortcut apparently was added fairly recently, so I thought perhaps that conflict might have been overlooked.
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