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edited October 14, 2011 8:55AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
We are moving our DR site and need to deactivate and uninstall SQL Backup from the old DR servers (2) then install and activate on the new servers. We have 11 licenses using the same serial no. The deactivation page in the help file says: "whenever you deactivate a serial number for a bundle of products, all the products in the bundle will be deactivated"

So, is deactivation going to just affect the licenses I run the deactivation from or is it going to deactivate all of them?


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    When you deactivate a server, it will de-activate just that machine, but it'll deactivate all products you have on there. So if you ran our Toolbelt (with, say, SQL Compare, SQL Data Compare, SQL Source Control etc) then all products would be deactivated at once.

    As you're referring to SQL Backup, I imagine this is the only RedGate product on the servers? In which case you should be fine, you just need to deactivate each server and it'll free up an activation for re-use on a new one.
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    Thanks James. That is what I suspected, but wanted to make sure.
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