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Found a little problem and feature request

hjghjg Posts: 6
edited November 23, 2005 9:13AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions

I found a little problem. I inserted a new PK-column in a table and moved that column forward to the other PK cols. That forced a code change in our program. We deployed the new program version and used the diff-script generated with your tool. But our programm crashed on that particular spot where the code change was done. We found out that the diff-script inserted the new col but did not move it to the front cols, but appended it to the last col, so our code couldn't work. Is this a bug or a feature? :D

BTW we have a idea: What would be great is a filter which only shows the spots that are different in the objects, plus 3-4 lines before and after. Imagine looking for the diffs in a lengthy SP, ok you have the marks, but simply showing only the diffs with one mouseclick would be great!

Besides that: GREAT tool, keep on going!

bye, sascha


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    We have already thought of this, though. If you synchronize with the force column order to be identical option, then SQL Compare will script a table rebuild and add the new column in the same ordinal place as the original. Be aware there is a potential for data loss!
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    Ok, I WILL read the manual the next time before posting :D
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