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Silverlight Viewmodel performance profiling.

I am using ANTS performance profiler for Silverlight browser application. The application follows MVVM design pattern and has Viewmodels for every view (.xaml). If I am profiling this, I am able to only view the Hot paths in View code behind (xaml.cs) files and ANTS performance profiler does not show the ViewModel code for hot paths.

Is there anything that needs to be done in order to see hot paths of ViewModels?


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    If I understand correctly, the basic problem is that you don't see source code for your ViewModels, correct? And you should see methods that correspond to the ViewModel objects' code in the all methods grid, hopefully.

    It's probably something to do with the PDBs, as usual. If there is no debugging information available for the module, then ANTS Performance Profiler will not attempt to find the source code for it.

    As far as I can tell, Silverlight XAPs are special in that VS does not embed the PDB debugging information into the XAP: you have to manually open it (in WinZip or something) and add the PDBs produced for all of your modules. Then it should be able to locate the source code.
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