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Only want to back up one db

mcushingmcushing Posts: 13
edited September 22, 2011 1:24PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I have registered my server, but I have multiple databases on it. For my purposes right now, I only want one of them, but when I register the server, it has them all.

How can I remove all but one? It's mostly a space issue at this point, one of the db's is an image db and it's HUGE. We're backing it up a different way at the moment.


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    Not sure what you mean, but you could simply exclude the other databases from backup jobs. Am I missing something? Registering the server on the GUI doesn't mean it's going to start backing up everything. You define that.
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    where do you define that? I didn't pick specific db's and it's backing them all up. I've got full and differentials int he Activity History for the db's I'm not trying to include.

    I never actually scheduled anything, I just installed the software, and registered the server.
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    Did you already have native SQL backup jobs on the server. The history window will show non-RedGate SQL Backup jobs too. One way to know is to look at the very first column in the history window that has the SQL Backup logo. If its clear, then you are looking at regular sql backup job history, not RedGate SQL Backup jobs.
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    Excellent, thanks for the info. That makes sense.
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