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Refreshing of Constraints

achetonacheton Posts: 2
Hi all,

I am a new users trialling SQL Generator, I have come across an issue which I cannot find my way around. I have a new Project created which imports some data into a database. SQL Generator seems to honor all of the constraints when generating the schema for the first time. However when I add a new constraint to a column in the database and refresh the Schema or close and reopen the Project the new constraint is not honored with the test data. I have tried all sorts of things but nothing I do seems to make it update the test data based on the new constraint - thsu when I rerun the generation it fails.

Any suggestions or advice?




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    Thanks for your query regarding SQL Data Generator.

    Usually, refreshing the schema should get it up-to-date with the server, although depending on what generators you used on the fields in question, you may need to go and alter some settings there.
    Does the problem still occur if you just start a *new* project with the updated schema rather than re-opening the old one? If not, then it sounds like something is stored in the project that doesn't get updated.

    If you could send over a simple reproduction to support@red-gate.com, quoting F0052169 in the subject line then we can investigate in more detail and log a bug if necessary.
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