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SSMS Integration pack and encrypted connections

mdefehrmdefehr Posts: 5
edited September 15, 2011 7:30AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
I am required to use encrypted connections to certain servers. I have set them up appropriately in the SSMS "Registered Servers" section and have verified that object explorer nodes and any query windows that spawn from those connections are all encrypted.

When I use the SSMS integration pack to define databases to compare within these connections, however, the connection that SQL Compare makes when doing the comparison is not encrypted. One might expect that when SQL Compare bases it's connection on an SSMS connection, that an important attribute like this might come along.

I understand that to encrypt the connection, you have to add ";ENCRYPT=TRUE;TRUSTSERVERCERTIFICATE=FALSE" to the server name in the SQL Compare UI (which is kind of cryptic, by the way - no pun really intended) but (a) I would have hoped not to have to worry about that since the connection it is base on is encrypted, and (b) it might be surprising/alarming to some that it is not encrypted.

Is it a big deal to bring the encryption attribute along for the ride when the integration pack fires up Compare?




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    Thanks for your post. The SSMS Integration pack is, in the main, a way of passing through the server + db to use directly in to Compare without you needing to manually specify it, so it's not actually using the SSMS connection.
    It does seem like a resonable feature request to make, so I've added a job for it, and it'll get reviewed for possible inclusion in a future release.
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