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SQL Prompt crash causes SSMS Crash to desktop

nhustaknhustak Posts: 41
edited September 8, 2011 4:16PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
This just happened to me and is just about enough to make me uninstall it.

SQL Promprt crashed with a pop up to send the error. I cancelled because this happens on a regular basis and half the time when I send them it exits SSMS. SQL Prompt does not play well with VPNs combined with limited security - if the VPN goes down, the whole thing locks up and it's random whether I lose my SSMS or not.

However this time it crashed SSMS ..and cost me several tabs worth of SQL code that I was preparing to put into source control.

To say this is unacceptable is an understatement - SQL Prompt crashing simply cannot crash SSMS. I have sent you a lots of crash emails via SQL Prompt over the last six months - it really has to stop.

Nick Hustak
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