Subversion 1.7

Just wondering what the plans for supporting Subversion 1.7 are now that it is in public release candidate phase (and expected to be released at the end of this month). As I presume v3.0 will not be a free upgrade, will v2.2 be getting a patch to support it? Is there a timeline for this?


  • Thanks for your post.
    We've done some testing against 1.7 with the current version 3.0 code and it appears to work fine. As no changes were actually made for the SVN update, there's no reason why 2.2 shouldn't work either.

    Please do contact support if you do encounter trouble though!
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  • Will SQL Source Control be re-built against Subversion 1.7 in order to use the more efficient HTTP v2 protocol and next generation working copy for better performance?
  • Our internal builds are currently using a daily build of SharpSvn that is built again SVN 1.7. It's looking pretty good at the moment (there's 1 outstanding known issue that we need to fix), so it's highly likely that the next Early Access release of 3.0 will have it (unfortunately it didn't make the Early Access release that went out earlier today).
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