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Diff viewer cuts data

abab Posts: 3
edited December 19, 2011 7:12AM in Data Compare for Oracle

We have recently purchased several licenses for this helpful tool.

It would, however, save a significant effort if the the built-in viewer (column-to-column value) would show more than a few dozen of string characters.

In our use case scenario we have Oracle clobs (containing xml config templates) being compared. A human typically decides whether the difference is to be synchronized or not, based on what the actual differences are. If the delta is beyond what the viewer shows, this quickly becomes a joy-killing labor to open the clobs externally to do a side-by-side, repeat number of records. This quickly kills the joy of using the tool.

Again, we do not need a full blown diff display, just showing full content side-by-side would be great.



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    Hi Alex,

    I'm sorry to hear that Data Compare for Oracle is proving a little tiresome when it comes to assessing differences in CLOB fields.

    If I understand correctly, you are asking if the main data diff view could be modified to show more of the CLOB data, instead of having to click for the pop-up viewer. Is this correct?

    It would be hard for us to make that view multi-line, which I think it what you are asking for.

    Feel free to post here, or drop me an email tom.harris at redgate.com

    Regards, Tom

    Tom Harris, Red Gate Software Ltd.
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    Thank you for the response.

    I meant the pop-up viewer actually. What I see in either side of the pop-up is a line or two of a multiline document. What we need is a full text display on both sides.

    I realize the content may have no line breaks or be platform specific (crlf or lf or no line breaks). In that case a fixed line length should help, I believe.

    Thanks again,
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    Hi Alex,

    this does sound odd. You should be able to maximize the pop up window so that it fills the whole screen. This will then give you a side-by-side diff of the differences between the 2 objects.

    Does maximizing the pop-up window not work for you?

    Kind regards, Tom

    Tom Harris, Red Gate Software
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    Hi Tom,

    I've the same problem with CLOBS fields.. When I open it with diff viewer it cuts its contents (i don't no why). It would be cool if had an option to just show the field with full value, with no comparison.

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