Hiding columns that don't have differences

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I'm using version of SQL Data Compare, and it's working great so far on my SQL 2005 databases. I had a question about hiding columns after the compare was done. After I've done the compare, there are a set of columns without differences. Other than doing the compare, checking each column to see if there is a difference, and then going in and editing the project to remove those columns from the compare, is there a way to hide them?

Also, your help doesn't seem to mention anything about SQL 2005.


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    Thanks for the feedback. At the moment there isn't any way to hide those columns.

    We're going to be spending December updating the help file.
    - Neil Davidson
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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    How about doing a sort by items changed in the column. Like the existing alpha sort, but that brings the changed items to the top. Pretty much what I'm looking for is a way to go through this massive table I've got where every row has been changed in at least one column, but some columns haven't been changed in any row.

    Even without this feature, this is a brilliant program, and I can see myself using it quite often.
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