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SQLPrompt - code-completion post SQL2k8r2sp1 install

sql_monkeysql_monkey Posts: 2
edited August 12, 2011 8:50AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
I just updated SSMS with SP1 for SQL 2008 R2.

Now, when I type in the column names and am prompted for the column/table name, and click the enter key to insert it, the word is inserted strangely ... for example:

If I type: select * from info

I get prompted to select "information_Schema".

If I click the enter key to insert the rest of the word, it gets inserted as expected.

BUT, the prompt dialog box stays up and still has the word information_schema still highlighted. If at this point I hit the space bar to move on, it inserts part of the word... in this case 'RMATION_SCHEMA' is appended to the end making the word


likewise, if I use the spacebar to insert the word, the same thing happens, except it puts a space between the two parts that it inserts - ie:


The same thing happens for any object names....

Prior to upgrading with SP1 this behavior did not occur.



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    Has SQL Server's own intellisense snuck itself back on? Look in the options dialog: in the Text Editor->Transact-SQL page, 'Auto list members' and 'Parameter information' should not be checked, and in Text Editor -> Transact-SQL -> Intellisense, 'Enable IntelliSense' should also be unchecked.
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