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Feature Request - Source Connection properties

jbelinajbelina Posts: 9 Bronze 2
edited September 2, 2011 6:21AM in SQL Doc Previous Versions
I saw this as a possible solution to a different problem, but I was wondering if it would be possible to add other connection types to the Project Configuration.

I use SQL Compare and can compare a database, backup, snapshot, or files from source control with that tool.

However, SQL Doc only allows me to connect directly to a database. For situations where direct access to a database is restricted, I would like additional ways to document the current state of the database.

I would really love the ability to document a database based on a snapshot that was generated by SQL Compare, or a file folder attached to a source control application.



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    Thanks for your post. The ability to generate documentation from a snapshot has already been requested and is logged in our tracking system with reference SDOC-1033. I have added your comments and ticket reference to the issue and will be informed if/when the status changes.
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    I just came on the forums specifically to request this--it would be great if SQL Compare would also just allow you to click a loaded snapshot or even DB structure that was just read in for comparison purposes and generate SQL Doc documentation from it.
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    Thanks for your post. I have updated the issue in our tracking system with a link to this thread.
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