Certificate Error

chalemicchalemic Posts: 3
SQL Source Control is reporting an invalid certificate to our users:
SQL Source Control received an invalid HTTPS certificate while connecting to your source control system."
It was invalid in the folliwng ways:
- It is not valid for the hostname that you are connecting to

As far as I can tell, everything with the Subversion and Apache is configured properly. All browsers (IE9, FF 5, Chrome) accept the certificate and `openssl s_client` verifies it without issue. This is not a wildcard certificate, either.

Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot this?



  • Thanks for your post.

    I haven't seen this error before. Are you able to connect to the repository using tortoise on the same machine?

    Did you get the opportunity to submit an error report? If you can submit an error report (including your email address) then I should be able to look into this in more detail.
  • Tortoise does not complain at all so I will submit an error report.


    edit: I have entered a product support request.
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