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Red Gate IPN Service Not Releasing Locks on Directories

AndrewJacksonZAAndrewJacksonZA Posts: 19 Bronze 2
edited August 1, 2011 5:56AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions

I started up VS 2010 by opening a .sln file from Explorer. I then closed that solution and opened up another one, did some work and did some interaction with TFS.

I left VS open and went back to the Explorer window. I then tried deleting the directory that contained the original .sln file. Explorer said that the directory was still open in another program.

I then used Process Explorer to search for programs that had a handle on that directory or any files in that directory tree. It said that the process RedGate.IPNService.exe had a handle to that directory. I check the properties of that process and it's current directory was the directory that I was trying to delete. This forced me to close VS to do something simple like deleting a directory.

RedGate.IPNService.exe has issues with the setting of it's working directory resulting in users being inconvenienced when trying to perform certain actions. Please fix this as it is sloppy, unprofessional and doesn't reflect the reputation of a high-calibre company like Red Gate.



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