Retrieving Schema - Registering Databases

JamieAJamieA Posts: 12
Hi, I am trying to run data compare 9 with a database being compared to a backup. The backup sets registered fine, but on the second tab, "tables and views", it is just sitting there saying "Retrieving Schema Registering Databases 0%". The backup is about 2 gigs. It has been running for 15 minutes. Is this behaviour normal, or do I need to do something?

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  • It just required patience - I just checked back and it has sorted itself out.

    It's probably because too much metadata was being compared - I am new to SC9, must suss out the project options!

  • Can I ask what your use case is? You might want to look at SQL Virtual Restore as an alternative mechanism to query a backup. It's faster and provides you an actual database you can interact with.
    David Atkinson
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software
  • Yes - that would be the tool for the job - but it's not installed on this server :(
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