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Bringing a log shipping standby database online.

matt.newmanmatt.newman Posts: 2
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So I am curious if I am just missing a few things in this as I am new to RedGate, new to the company I am at, and cuious on capabilities.

http://www.red-gate.com/supportcenter/C ... 000093.htm

I had read the above and read through message board searching but something seems missing. From the above link, it pretty much looks like I run one command and POOF, everything is set, connections restored, server online.

Am I correct to asume that connection string handling would need to be done still? If I brought one database online, presumably the whole DR server was to come online? Would I still need to alias the DR server with the production server name to pull transactions into the newly online DR machine?

I believe we are using our DR machine for log shipping for a couple reasons. One of which is a server failover, not just database failover. So, if our primary server goes down, and we DO get the log file off the production server is it possible that we just use the whole log file restored to the DR server to bring it up with recovery? Seems like perhaps something is missing in my mind.


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    Thanks for your post.

    You're correct. Restoring the database with RECOVERY will only bring the database online in that particular instance. This can be done manually running the 'restore with recovery' command, or by restoring the last T-log with recovery.

    You will still need to point everything that used to reference the production database to the new DR database.

    I hope this helps clarify.
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