Largest successful restore from .SQB ?? (4TB failed)

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I am looking for data regarding largest successful restore from a .SQB to compressed files (.mdfx, .ndfx, .ldfx)

We are wanting to utilize this tool on our reporting warehouse, but the 4TB database, when backed up to a 589GB backup using compression=1, will not restore properly. I was able to restore to a virtual database using similar technology.

I have ran a full DBCC checkDB against the source.
I am unable to run a normal restore of the database due to disk space.
I was able to complete a restore VERIFYONLY.

At this point I do not suspect the backup file of corruption nor the source database.

Here is the code I run (which includes 22 filegroups) and the error received.
EXECUTE master..sqlbackup '-SQL "RESTORE DATABASE [Reporting01_Compress]
FROM DISK = ''G:\DatabaseBAK\REPORTING01\FULL_(local)_REPORTING01_20110716_060000.sqb''
MOVE ''REPORTING01'' TO ''K:\MDF\Reporting01_Compress.MDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_Log'' TO ''E:\LDF\Reporting01_Compress.LDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_PKEBC'' TO ''I:\IDF\Reporting01_Compress_PKEBC.NDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_MrgChargeActive'' TO ''E:\NDF\Reporting01_Compress_MrgChargeActive.NDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_ChargeActive'' TO ''I:\NDF\Reporting01_Compress_ChargeActive.NDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_LogTapeCharge_Indexes'' TO ''K:\IDF\Reporting01_Compress_LogTapeCharge_Indexes.NDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_Transactions'' TO ''J:\NDF\Reporting01_Compress_Transactions.NDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_TapeTempDemo'' TO ''J:\NDF\Reporting01_Compress_TapeTempDemo.NDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_ChargeAudit'' TO ''J:\NDF\Reporting01_Compress_ChargeAudit.NDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_RemitPostBatches'' TO ''J:\NDF\Reporting01_Compress_RemitPostBatches.NDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_LogChargeActive'' TO ''J:\NDF\Reporting01_Compress_LogChargeActive.NDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_LogInsuranceProfile'' TO ''J:\NDF\Reporting01_Compress_LogInsuranceProfile.NDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_LogWorkfileUserActivity'' TO ''K:\NDF\Reporting01_Compress_LogWorkfileUserActivity.NDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_PKDS'' TO ''J:\IDF\Reporting01_Compress_PKDS.NDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_LogTapeCharge'' TO ''I:\NDF\Reporting01_Compress_LogTapeCharge.NDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_ClaimLog'' TO ''I:\NDF\Reporting01_Compress_ClaimLog.NDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_Indexes01'' TO ''K:\IDF\Reporting01_Compress_Indexes01.NDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_ChargeAudit_Indexes'' TO ''K:\IDF\Reporting01_Compress_ChargeAudit_Indexes.NDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_LogChargeActive_Indexes'' TO ''K:\IDF\Reporting01_Compress_LogChargeActive_Indexes.NDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_ChargeActive_Indexes'' TO ''J:\IDF\Reporting01_Compress_ChargeActive_Indexes03.NDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_Transactions_Indexes'' TO ''J:\IDF\Reporting01_Compress_Transactions_Indexes.NDFX'',
MOVE ''REPORTING01_MrgTables'' TO ''E:\NDF\Reporting01_Compress_MrgTables.NDFX''"'

Msg 5171, Level 16, State 2, Line 1
J:\NDF\Reporting01_Compress_RemitPostBatches.NDFX is not a primary database file.
Msg 3013, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally.


  • It looks like this server is still on The latest available version of SQL Backup is 6.5.1.
    I'm going to update and see if that is any assistance. My other servers are on
  • After upgrading SQL Backup, the only change is that the error 5171 now references a different file.
  • Eddie DEddie D Posts: 1,704 Rose Gold 5
    Thank you for your posts into the forum and sorry that you are encountering a problem.

    A support call has been created for this problem, the call reference number is F0050646.

    Can you please send to [email protected] the following files:
      Copy of the SQL backup Activity Log file for the restore. (Right click the entry in the SQL Backup GUI and select show log). Copy of the HyperBac Service.log file. Copy of the HyperBac error log files. Copy of the HyperBac status.dat file. Copy of the HyperBac configuration file. Copy of the HyperBac openstatus.dat file.

    You will find the HyperBac service.log and if generated error log files in the \Red Gate\HyperBac\logs folder.

    You will find the HyperBac status.dat, hyperbac.conf and openstatus.dat files in the \Red Gate\HyperBac\bin folder.

    Please include the Call reference number above in the subject field of your e-mail.

    Many Thanks
    Eddie Davis
    Product Support Engineer
    Redgate Software Ltd
    Email: [email protected]
  • I forwarded the requested files short of the restore log. The request assumed I was utilizing the wizard(and the window was still open). I know they use a hidden database, hopefully this file is local.
  • The log (which is located)
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Red Gate\SQL Backup\Log\(local)
    Shows that the backup was performed as v.

    I missed updating the server components manually.
    I will now try creating another backup file.

    My backup takes about 6 hours :(
  • For the latest restore attempt, I adjusted some file locations in the 'MOVE TO' segment of the restore. Combined with the latest server components for SQL Backup, this was a success !

    Now on to load testing.

    (Note: I only found that I missed the server components because support requested a log file. When I previewed it, I immediately saw the 6.3 )
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