SQL Monitor 2 Keeps loosing valid license key

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Our company has a valid license and once entered it works fine.

However..for some reason SQL monitor keeps loosing the license key added which stops the monitoring process.

The following message is displayed:

"Your trial has expired. No new data will be collected and no new alerts will be raised"

Any ideas how this can be resolved?


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    I've seen this happen before when people have multiple installs of the SQL Monitor Base Service.

    You might be using the same database to store the data for your two installs.

    Go to "Configuration" > "About"

    Near the bottom of the page should be a line starting with "Database" this will tell you which server is hosting the SQL Monitor Data Repository database.

    Log into that database server and run sys.sp_who2 and check the HostName and ProgramName columns. SQL Monitor uses "SQL Monitor - Repository" as the application string.

    It is very important that each install of SQL Monitor uses is own storage database.

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    Thanks...works like a charm!!
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