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dependency assembly not found!

arifarif Posts: 3
edited July 21, 2011 6:23PM in SmartAssembly

I have following application structure

Project A (main exe)
Project B
Project C
Project D

Project A depends on Project B and C.

When i create a Smart Assembly project and specify Project A output exe smart assembly tells me about "dependency not found: Project D". All other dependency assemblies (Project B and C ) are copied to main assembly's directory...however Project D output is not copied as it shouldn't be.

Why does smart assembly reports about the missing dependency?

I appreciate Any help!



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    Here is the article that describes how SmartAssembly searches for dependencies

    http://www.red-gate.com/supportcenter/C ... rtAssembly

    Additionally you can remove a folder from the dependiency search by editing an XML file: SmartAssembly.settings. This will be in a location like:

    C:\ProgramData\Red Gate\SmartAssemblyThere will be an editable section with the tag <DependenciesSearchPaths>
    James Davies
    Technical Support Engineer
    Red Gate Software
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    Thanks for the reply.

    i have 100+ projects and with different set of dependencies. the solution presented in the article you mentioned is not a great deal of help in this case. it would be problem to maintain the growing xml file. even if go with it; it won't help for other developers working on the same smart assembly project file (due to absolute path).

    i did find the cause of this behavior. it was very simple thing. in the visual studio project reference's the Copy Local was set to false for the dependecy_assembly. changing it to true fixed the problem.
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