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Newbie question: developer database setup

kiteasonkiteason Posts: 5
We're evaluating Redgate Tool belt with a view to integrating it with our TFS version control system.

We expect developers to work with local SQL databases, using SQL Compare to compare against a central repository in TFS and check in their changes.

We've succeeded in creating the set of scripts for the initial database schema and this is checked into TFS. My question is - how does a developer do their initial setup to create a local database whose schema is the same (initially) as the central repository scripts?

I can link a local database to source control, but then SQL Compare seems to think that it needs to delete all the tables etc. from the repository, rather than create them in the local database. It doesn't seem to be possible to do a 'Set as target' on a blank database then pick a source control repository as source. What am I missing?


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