How to monitor production server with ANTS Profiler?

mohamadmohamad Posts: 2

How to monitor production server with ANTS Profiler?

I installed it, run it by choosing IIS.. but I cannot see the methods all the time.. and cant see the source code.. my CS code is compiled on server.

any help or info is appreciated


  • Hi Mohamad. Sorry to hear you're having trouble profiling on your server.

    You might find some helpful information in our topic on troubleshooting missing results.You say you're unable to see source code: that's often caused by a problem with the application's PDB files. Do you have an up-to-date PDB in the same folder as the application's DLL? Does anything in our topic about troubleshooting PDB problems help?
  • I'm having a similar issue. I'm trying to profile on my server (DB connection obscures other issues if I debug from my development machine). I built a debug version to make sure I had up-to-date PDBs, started the web application with Debug="true", but it still can't find source code. I uploaded a copy of the source code to the server, but can't find a way to tell ANTS where it is. I tried everything I could from the missing results and PDB problems posts.
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