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Find invalid objects: false positive on sp_upgraddiagrams

weswinklerweswinkler Posts: 54 New member
edited July 11, 2011 1:11PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
Using SSMS 2008 R2, I have added database diagrams to a SQL 2008 database. This invoked some scripts that added new system objects to my database to support the diagrams.

Now, SQL Prompt ( labels one of these new sprocs as invalid:
Object name: dbo.sp_upgraddiagrams
Reason invalid: Invalid object name 'dbo.dtproperties'.

Should SQL Prompt ignore this particular object?


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    Thanks for your post.

    I've logged this as a bug with SQL Prompt 5 (SP-4021), but it's curious why it marks the object as invalid.

    It marks the object as invalid because it references dbo.[dtproperties], which doesn't seem to exist anywhere in the database. i.e. unlike all the other system and user objects, dbo.[dtproperties] isn't listed in sysobjects.
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