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Adding a (not null) column problem

Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
edited February 13, 2004 2:01PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Hi Trevor,

No through SQL Compae, no. It's a good practice to specify a default for
columns that do not accept NULLs. I've learned this the 'hard way', and now
I stop and think about it during my own database design process. It's a good
idea not only for when you make schema changes, but also if you import data
from other sources.


Brian Donahue
Red Gate Technical Support

"Trevor Best" <no@spam.com> wrote in message
> If I add a column that is not null to a database then synchronising
> fails, as you'd expect. I got the column on there in the first instance
> by adding a default value so that EM would populate it, I then take the
> default value off.
> Is there an easy way around this problem in synchronising?
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