Unable to create snapshot when comparing against an SVN rev

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I'm evaluating Source Control and SQL Compare for the company I'm working for.

Here's what I did:
1. Merge several revisions from the dev-branch into one new revision in the test-branch.
2. In SQL Server Management Studio I then right-clicked the database and chose Schema Compare/Deploy, and as source I picked Source Control and the new revision I just merged into in the test-branch.
3. As target I chose Database and then I clicked Compare/Deploy with SQL Compare.
4. In SQL Compare I didn't want to work directly against the db so as target I chose Snapshot and Create Snapshot....

Now, in the dialog that pops up no alternatives are available when Database is set as Data source type. See below image. Why is this?

I managed to work around this by starting a separate instance of SQL Compare and creating a snapshot there, then I repeated step 2-4 above and chose said snapshot in the dropdown box. Still, it seems weird that I have to do this extra step. Could this be a bug?



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    Thanks for your post - I'm not 100% sure it's a bug but the behaviouor is certainly a bit confusing. When working with database revisions from source control, everything is triggered from the deploy screens in SSMS - this does disable the odd thing in Compare then. I'll log a job with the developers to take a look and make sure nothing too strange is going on here.

    Good that you found the workaround in any case!
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