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The search capability limits my results to 150 maximum matches in cases where the search criteria should return more than 150 results (ie. searching for dbo). Is there any settings that can be updated to get around this limitation? Your help would be grealty appreciated! :D

I'm running SQL Server 2008 R2
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 10.50.1600.1
Redgate SQL Search ver.


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    I don't think it is configurable. You break the searches down by type i.e. filter by tables, then by views etc. What are you trying to achieve as there may be another way to achieve what you need to do?
  • I would like to know all of the occurrences that the search text appears in, but I'm not able to determine this since it's always limiting itself to 150 results max. I tried breaking the searches down by type, but it still limits itself to 150 results.
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    Ok, as a workaround and unless anyone can update this thread with a way to configure SQL Search, I would probably look to querying the information schema views if you are unable to refine the search any further. For example:

    To find any routines that contain the search term in the name of the routine or definition of the routine you could perform a query similar to:


    And to find columns containing a term in the column name:


    and again for tables containing a term in the name:


    There are a number of other information schema views that you can query to search for terms in views, parameters, constraints etc.

    I know that it doesn't highlight exactly where the search term is like SQL Search, this may help you achieve in part with what you need to do by compiling a list of objects that contain the search term that you are interested in investigating further.
  • I just ran up against this limit as well and was going to start a thread about it.

    I'd love to see this be configurable as I have a database with over 1000 sp's and I'm trying to identify a call to another database within the sp's and I hit the 150 limit.
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  • What would you say a sensible limit was? We'd rather avoid adding options if at all possible.

    David Atkinson
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    David Atkinson
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  • What would you say a sensible limit was? We'd rather avoid adding options if at all possible.

    David Atkinson
    Red Gate Software

    Actually 150 is probably a good choice for display. Could paging be implemented? Even a a message saying 150 of N displayed would be better because there is nothing in the application that tells you that there are more than what is being displayed.

    In my case I was searching for references to a second database because there are those who want to move those functions into the current database. Most procedures and functions have references to this database so I wanted to get a number and generate a list. I can do it using T-SQL, but SQL Search could have been perfect, if it returned all the rows (at least a count) and if I had a way to export to csv or excel. So I'd suggest keeping the display limit to 150 and adding a total found count and a way to export all results.
    Jack Corbett
    SQL Server Architect\Developer
    MCITP: Database Administration SQL Server 2008
  • Is it possible to limit to 150 with the option to show all when there are more available? This would allow a quick search up to 150, indicating that there are more or you should narrow your search. If the search is correct you can then opt for all results.
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    I do like the option of getting all the results after display the first 150 of N results found.
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  • So will pagination of all results be implemented? If so, when will this be offered?
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    Please submit your requests for changes to SQL Search to its' Uservoice site - it's far better than using the forums for this sort of thing. ... uggestions
  • Workaround: there is System.Data.SQLite.dll in "c:\ProgramData\Red Gate\SQL Search\Source" and "c:\ProgramData\Red Gate\SQL Search\Active".
    This dll is opensource, so u can download sources and modify SQLiteCommand replacing in CommandText " limit 150" to " limit 500" :)
  • Well, here it is patched for max 400 results.
    Unpack files to "x:\ProgramData\Red Gate\SQL Search\Active" and "x:\ProgramData\Red Gate\SQL Search\Source" overwriting existing System.Data.SQLite.dll
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