Unsupported parsing SIGNATURE breaks source control

ashw1984ashw1984 Posts: 3
Hi All

This is a bug in the parsing engine Red Gate use. In SQL Prompt it just underlines the text red and displays an issue. But in Source Control it stop the changes being viewed thorugh Source control as i would imagine the same parsuing engine is used.

The following code parse's and executes fine in SQL but errors in source control.
1. Does anyone know if newer versions of Redgate have this fixed?
2. Does anyone know how to code around without putting the script in a string and executing the string?

BY CERTIFICATE [Certificate]
WITH password = 'Password';


Data Data Data


  • Sorry guys i fixed it myself. here is the code round incase anyone else need it.

    ADD SIGNATURE TO [Procedure]
    BY CERTIFICATE [Certificate]
    WITH password = 'Password';
    Data Data Data
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