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Lookup Data

nolannolan Posts: 2
I'm working on a solution where I will be using Data Compare to transfer an existing database to a 'holding' db, I will then 'Mask' this data using the SQL Data Generator.
The resultant data will then be transfered to the QA environment via Data Compare again.

This solution requires multiple different databases to be 'Masked', however the data across these databases needs to be consistent, i.e. the Credit Card Number that becomes Obfuscated in both Databases needs to still be the same number when comparing these databases together (cross referencing in our applications).

I was thining of creating a lookup table, which will hold the real cc number as well as the 'created' cc number. and when I use the Generator use a SQL script to obtain the 'created' cc number.

How would I go about doing this?


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    aolcotaolcot Posts: 27 Bronze 2
    Hi Nolan, I too have similar scenarios but the data that i work with is health related.

    There is a great book called Protecting SQL Server Data by John Magnabosco/RedGate which gives looks of good information regarding securing/obfuscating data. I've got a printed copy, but i believe you can get an pdf version.

    You should be able to adapt some of the examples in the book to obfuscate the cc number and then wire that logic into SQL data generator, probably using the "SQL statement" generator.
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