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Don't Want Keyword Formatting in Literal String

kenelmkenelm Posts: 3
edited June 28, 2011 10:24AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
I just upgraded to V5 of SQL Prompt. I had been told previously by RedGate support that keyword formatting, such as turning to upper case, inside a literal string had been fixed in V5. I'm still seeing it. If I'm in a literal and type "on" or "when" etc., SQL Prompt reformats to ON and WHEN. I don't want this to happen inside a literal.

Can you tell me if there's a setting I'm missing to turn this off, or if this is supposed to be fixed, or will be fixed?

I'm running


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    aolcotaolcot Posts: 27 Bronze 2
    I've just tried doing this using version and when inside a literal string, keywords are not being converted to upper case.

    e.g. i typed this out all in lowercase and let sql prompt do the formatting without any tweaks from me.

    SELECT * FROM sys.tables WHERE name = 'on when'

    I don't recall changing anything in particular within the options.

    Hope this helps in some way.
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