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Script Object as ALTER not correct

bhennellybhennelly Posts: 9 Bronze 2
edited June 28, 2011 2:21PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
Having an issue when using sql prompt ( Pro) where I am receiving differences between SSMS script stored procedure as alter and SQL Prompt when using the right click "script object as ALTER" over a stored procedure object name in a query window.

I thought these two features should work the same and reveal the same results?

I am using the same database and same stored procedure between SSMS script to alter and SQL Prompt script to alter.

SQL Search ( actually searches and finds the stored procedure as it should be.

SSMS scripts the stored procedure to alter as it should be.

SQL Prompt 5 scripts the procedure to alter as it was previously this morning, but no longer. This is where I feel it is incorrect unless I have a miss-understanding of how this should work.

Anyone seen this before?

(There are other databases in my SSMS that have the same stored procedure. Could sql prompt be retrieving the procedure from the wrong database?)


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