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I just installed version of ANTS Profiler and I am unable to profile any site. I have tried both ASP.NET FORMS and MVC 3 apps and neither work. When I click "Start Profiling" the profiler loads up IE, which gives a page not found error and the profiler itself says "The profiler did not find any methods with source code". Things I have tried so far are:

Started Profiling Using both Web Development Server and IIS
Created a bare bones ASP.NET Forms site that just has 'this.Title = "Test";' in the OnPageLoad event.
I have checked the .NET version (4.0 in all cases)
Used Process Explorer to ensure the environment variables "COR_PROFILER" and "COR_ENABLE_PROFILING" where set (which they were). Also I always see an info event in the event log which says ".NET Runtime version 4.0.30319.225 - The profiler was loaded successfully. Profiler CLSID: '{D6E0BA92-3BC3-45ff-B9CC-B4B5AB7190BC}'. "
I can profile console, windows forms and WPF apps without any problems.

The Web Development Server process (under profiling) itself doesn't seem to load .NET at all (it pretty much dies straight took a few attempts to view its properties in Process Explorer!).

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,

Mike Hanrahan
Mike Hanrahan


  • Actually...just checked using Process Monitor and it does load .NET into the Web Development process. It didn't point to any other obvious problems however.

    Mike Hanrahan.
    Mike Hanrahan
  • Can you take a look at the windows application event log for .net errors?

    Can you try running ANTS explicitly as administrator?
  • Hi...there were no .net errors in the event log, but running explicitly as administrator worked. Weird, as previously I was getting the popup where I had to allow it to profile, so I assumed it had full admin privilages...but apparently not.

    Anyway, its working now as administrator, so thanks!!

    Mike Hanrahan
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