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MySQL Data Compare 1.0 released!

edited June 14, 2011 9:24AM in MySQL Data Compare
Hello all,

Good news, we've now released MySQL Data Compare 1!

MySQL Data Compare allows you to compare and synchronize the data in two MySQL databases.

Features include:

- Support for MySQL 5 and Amazon RDS
- Visually compare the data between two MySQL databases
- Generate SQL scripts for changes or synchronize directly
- SSH connectivity inbuilt
- Command-line access

Download here:

(N.B. the download gives you an installer for both of our MySQL tools)

We still need your feedback!

Please tell us on this forum (or email mysql@red-gate.com) if:
* If you find any bugs or have issues using the tool
* If the tool is missing any major features you would like to be added
* Anything you really like about the tool(s)

We look forward to hearing from you!

Part of the team
Red Gate Software
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