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Generating rows with a composite PK

whenriksenwhenriksen Posts: 25
How do I use Data Generator to create rows which use a PK consisting of two foreign keys?

It doesn't seem that DG can consider both columns when testing the uniqueness requirement, but instead requires that at least one of the columns be unique or it will end prematurely due to duplicates.

A good example is the northwind database order details table. I can only get DG to insert 1000 order details to go with 1000 new orders, but that limits generated orders to one product each, which is not realistic.

Have I missed something?


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    This is a known issue for which your workaround is the recommended solution (drop the constraint, generate the data and re-enable the constraint). It is logged in our tracking system with reference SDG-849. I will be informed if/when the status changes.
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    gvsoftgvsoft Posts: 20 Bronze 1
    What is the status of this bug? I have DG and it still has the same problem.
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