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Dependency walker S.R.

ccollinsccollins Posts: 64
edited November 7, 2005 4:17PM in SQL Dependency Viewer
1. Filter display by target dependency. Find and select the target, (i.e. store procedure), filter on this target to show dependents and dependencies. Maybe this could be handled with a tree view on the left side. Expand an object, see dependents and dependencies, filter, print, save, etc..

2. Interactive legend like SQL SchemaCompare. Enable/disable object types.

3. Print all or selected or filtered with or without report, (report could be text or generated xml).

4. Repair / Correct current database's sysdepend table. Delete/truncate, then fully populate dependency table.

5. Show Jobs and DTS packages that are dependent on database objects.

6. InterDatabase and InterServer dependencies.

7. Provide an API / .Net Class in the SQL toolkit for dependency walker.

8. Integrate with SQL SchemaCompare product with the improvements above?
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