Mixing development models

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Hi there,

I'm just wondering if it's possible to mix the development models:

Team A:
dedicated databases for a,b,c (as these are what they are working on directly)
shared d, e,f (shared model - as they are not actively developing here but need access/read)

Team B:
shared a,b,c
dedicated d,e,f

Is this possible or is it a case of run everything locally or nothing locally?


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    I don't believe this is something we'd support. Although the tool won't physically stop you doing it, you may find it doesn't function well. Specifically, the shared mode assumes you're always on the latest, so the Get Latest tab doesn't offer the ability to grab the latest changes from your Source Control system - so the changes developers on Dedicate mode made would not be as simple to get into the shared model database.
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  • okay - so in this scenario, where there are 30-40 databases that are not required all the time for each developer but using the dedicated model, what is the recommended solution? I guess developers for each project run locally and then deploy from source control to a central development database server once a day or so? is this the best option?
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    Yeah, if you have a central dev server with all databases on it, then each dev could "get latest" down to their local instance when they need to work on it, and commit the changes back again when they are done.
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