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Hi everyone. When I use the where clause filters to do my data comparison, they also get included into the scripting which inherently creates an issue when I try to run an update statement. Does anyone know how to exclude it in the actual scripting? It seems very strange how this was designed. I do set the "Use the same where clause for both data sources" option in the where filter which makes sense but I don't mean for it to be literally used in the scripting. Any help is appreciated.


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    Thanks for your question.

    SQL Data Compare 8 includes the WHERE clause in the update scripts. This causes issues if it selects from another table and that table hasn't been updated yet. It's not easy to tell when this is going to happen.

    SQL Data Compare 9 doesn't seem to have this issue, it may be worth upgrading/evaluating it if you haven't done so already.

    I hope this helps.

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