command line setting database location how to ?

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How can I fill in the "database directory" and the "log directory" with defaults when running from the command line ?

This is of course off of the advanced make a new database dialog.

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    Running a package from the command line does not allow you to specify the database and log file locations explicitly. You'd need to work around this possibly by running a create database command using osql.exe in the script first and then not using the /makedatabase switch on the package.
  • defaults ?
    Have not gotten that far yet, but thought about it a bit and suspected that might be the utility of the C# project ?

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    Yes -- from what I can tell it would try to use the values that are filled in from the text boxes. You definitely can't specify these on the command-line, though, which would be a good idea in my opinion.
  • what is the use of a silent invisible install if you can not specify all of the arguments ?
    Maybe next version ?
    Got an idea, send me the source and I will do it :)

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    c:\program files\red gate sql bundle\sql packager code templates\c#!
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