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I'm doing some 'what if' scenarios with the trial version of this product.

I manually stopped the service "HyperBac Control Service" while an active virtual database was attached.
The .sqb file exists on a unc path and is accessed via admin share.

I started the service about 20 min ago and the database is still listed as myDB_Virtual (Restoring...)

After waiting around 15 min, I attempted:
detach: (not an option)
Take offline: (not permitted while restoring)

I reran my RESTORE DATABASE script from the wizard.
After the command: "RESTORE DATABASE[myDB_Virtual] WITH RECOVERY" executed, all seems well.

I don't have the option at the moment to test a server restart, but this leads me to believe I will need to restore all virtual databases in the event of a server(or service) restart.

What can I do to avoid recovering all virtual databases after server restart ?

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  • The databases should not need to be restored in the event of a restart, they will recover like any other databases, the HyperBac service will start before the SQL Server service. You can minimize recovery times if you know a restart is imminent, by taking the virtually restored (or compressed with Storage Compress) database(s) offline and then bringing them back online afterwards. Stopping the HyperBac service during an operation is not properly representative of the order of events that happens in a restart. Let me know if this makes sense.
    Jeffrey Aven
    Product Management - HyperBac Technologies
    Red Gate Software
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