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often while creating update scripts between my dev SQL and a production SQL i find small things that i change in my dev SQL. after changing them i click refresh and have to wait for SQL Compare to register the dev machine which is fine but it also registers again the production machine which did not change.

my suggestion: add refresh buttons for a specific side DB (either left or right)
Dan Avni


  • Thanks for your suggestion. I have logged it in our tracking system with reference SC-5094. I will be informed if/when the status of this issue changes.
  • DanAvniDanAvni Posts: 65 Bronze 2
    thanks. another feature suggestion: add an option to run custom scripts before and/or after a specific object is syncrinized. e.g. after syncronizing the structure of a table i want to run a few sql statements that will insert a few rows of data into the table.
    Dan Avni
  • This has already been requested by other users and is logged in our tracking system with reference SC-1427. I have added the link to this forum post to the issue and am watching it for any updates.
  • Our legacy systems use 10 different databases for each environment. I would like to compare each environment (multiple databases) instead of each database after another. Very time consuming.

    Also, I'd like to compare server role security and stuff like :
    EXEC sp_addsrvrolemember @loginame = 'server_principal', @rolename = 'sysadmin'
    GRANT VIEW ANY DEFINITION TO 'server_principal'
    GRANT VIEW ANY DATABASE TO 'server_principal'
    GRANT VIEW SERVER STATE TO 'server_principal'
    GRANT ALTER ANY LOGIN TO 'server_principal'

  • I'd like to suggest suppressing database and/or server names when comparing objects other than synonyms. Often I'm comparing my live database to my test and the only difference in my views/procedures/functions is the database name I select aginst. If I could supress that the system believes this is a difference it would speed up my finding the real differences.
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