SQL Monitor 2.3 has been released

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SQL Monitor 2.3 is now available for download at http://www.red-gate.com/sqlmonitor.

Changes in the 2.3 release include:

• Top 10 expensive queries – the 10 queries that use the most resource based on Execution Count, Duration, CPU Time, Physical Reads, Logical Reads and Logical Writes are now displayed on the SQL Server Instance and Database overview pages. This data is also available in the Alert Details page for SQL Server alerts.
• Data purging – SQL Monitor now supports explicit purge options for high volume data channels. Note: Purge options that were customized in earlier versions will be translated accordingly. You should review your purge settings after upgrade.
• Analysis page – The Analysis page now supports high resolution graphs and can plot a maximum of 500 data points.
• Performance improvements have been made to the Base Monitor and UI.
• SQL Monitor now works with PagerDuty.
• Emails for Job duration unusual and Job failure alerts now contain job name.
• Monitoring error ([host machine|SQL Server] data collection) alert now has a two minute time tolerance before it is raised.
• Long running query alert now contains database name and query duration.
• Behavior change for Job duration unusual alert. It now validates the “Ignore less than” value against the current run job duration instead of the base line.

For more information, read the release notes.

Find out more or contact us:
Read more about SQL Monitor 2 and its key features.

Report any issues and raise questions on the support forum or email us at [email protected]
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