Feature Request - Aggregate some Machine Data for clusters

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Some Machine data for clusters (mainly for disk/read/write counters) do not display historical data and show up a "Warning: Not enough data to plot one or more items." message

The fact is that we f.e. recently updated some SQL Cluster (nodes) with new storage components and the active nodes have ended up on the other server. In that case most counters that are disk related (for clusters these of course are shared disks) are only available on the active node.

This makes it currently impossible to check if f.e. read/write times have shortened and our actions have the expected consequences.

So my request is to have some option in Machine Data Analysis to 'aggregate' such counters for the chosen period and not only have the (disks) available that are currently on that node itself.


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    Thank you for your suggestion.

    Please can you re-post your suggestion to our new SQL Monitor UserVoice forum? On this new forum users can post ideas and vote for features that they like the sound of. The development team will then take these into account during the development of the next version.

    Here is the link: http://www.red-gate.com/sqlmonitorfeedback

    N.B. bugs and problems should still be sent to support or posted on this forum
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