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generic SQL Statement generator returning NULLs

joplusjoplus Posts: 6
I am using the "generic SQL Statement" generator to populate a column. The statement is something like

select school_id from school_profile where district_id = 44

which should return 10 distinct values, none of them NULL.

I am trying to generate 90K rows of data, so I am expecting my generated data set to have about 9K rows per distinct value. Instead, I always see about 1% NULL values, no matter what I do to the settings.

I have checked the "Loop until number of rows required is reached" checkbox. I have tried un-checking "add NULLs to data," and have also tried checking that box and setting % NULL to 0.

Am I missing something? For the moment, my workaround is to use a weighted list and enter my 10 distinct values by hand, but I would like to do something more automated if possible.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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