Log backup overdue alert when using SIMPLE recovery model

jonwilkjonwilk Posts: 32
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I'm now getting daily alerts saying
"Alert type: Log backup overdue"
for multiple databases that are set to use the SIMPLE recovery model.

I am taking FULL backups of these databases each day, but obviously you can't backup the transaction log for a database in this recovery model.

Am I doing something wrong, or should i not be receiving these alerts?

Many thanks


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    You can disable the log backup overdue alert.

    In the Configuration > Alert Settings page, you can either make this choice for all monitored servers, or you can use the list of Monitored servers on the left hand side to make the change at the machine level, sql server level or individual database level.
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    Hi Jon,

    This is not the designed/ expected behaviour. If the model of the database is "Simple" then SQL Monitor shouldn't send you "Log backup overdue" alert. Have you modified the model of the database recently?

    Priya Sinha
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software
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    rohitkumarrohitkumar Posts: 1 New member

    I am getting alert Log backup overdue alert when I am  using FULL recovery model.
    Please suggest me, How resolve this issue.


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