Red-Gate SQL Backup 6 Activation Error

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Hi all,

When trying to activate Red-Gate SQL Backup 6 on our Windows 2008 Cluster I got the following error:

Do anyone know how to resolve this issue?

Thank you.

Marius Engesrønning


  • Thanks for contacting Red Gate, I'm sorry that you're having some trouble with SQL Backup.

    When you attempt to activate one of our products, a .lic file is created. It looks like you could be having a permissions problem which is why it's not able to be created. The other thing is might be is that the file may have already been created - so you could check if there is one there under that filepath.

    If you are trying to activate the product on a cluster, you need to make sure you are an administrator on both of the clusters, you will also need to make sure that you have read/write permissions on the folders within that filepath.

    I hope this answers your question.

    Siân Williams
    Red Gate Software
    Tel: 0800 169 7433
    [email protected]
  • Hi Sian,

    I tried the activation again today and this time it worked.
    I were logged in with the same user as at my last attempt.

    Could the error have come due to issues with the license key?

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