Extreme slowness and SSMS not responding w/ version

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I'm experiencing extreme slowdowns with this new version while using with SSMS2008 R2 64Bit. I've actually uninstalled SSMS and SQL prompt and reinstalled which allowed me to work for about a week then started slowing down to the point where SSMS would Not Respond just after loading a script. When I unistall SQL prompt and leave SSMS installed it is once again responsive. It seems as though there is a cache file building some where. I looked in the options and SQL prompt drop down menu but do not see an option to delete cache. Please help.


  • Hi rtrujill,

    When you say it worked for about a week, is this in a single instance of SSMS that is never shut down? After it breaks, does it work again if you shut down and restart SSMS?

    I'm wondering whether your slowdown is related to a resource leak of some kind.

    Paul Stephenson
    Project Manager, Red Gate
  • This problem is not on a single instance of SSMS which has not been shutdown. If I shut down and restart it immediately freezes again. If I disable SQL prompt, SSMS works just fine w/out freezing.
  • I've not seen SQL Prompt progressively slowing down across several SSMS sessions before. There isn't anything like a disk-based cache that would explain this.

    Are there particular queries that make SQL Prompt go slow when they are opened in SSMS? Would you be willing to share your queries with us?

    Paul Stephenson
    Project Manager, Red Gate
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